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Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Newington Property

The ceiling tiles in this Newington property got the worst of this commercial water damage. The wicking of water caused them to come apart and required removal ... READ MORE

Fire Burned Contents in a Newington Home

The Before Photo depicts the large mess caused by a house fire in this Newington home. The damaged structure must first be secured from falling debris and toxic... READ MORE

Hartford Mold Damage in a Crawlspace

The dampness in a crawlspace requires adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture, a very challenging goal in this area of Hartford. SERVPRO can explain to t... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Hartford

Our water damage professionals responded to a call about a disaster at a commercial property in Hartford. The property experienced a water damage disaster and n... READ MORE

Water Damage – Newington Home

Water damage at this Newington home left the carpeting in the pictured room soaked. A portion of the roof had been torn off by high winds associated with a stro... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration In Newington

Contact our professionals right after a fire has damaged your Newington home. Our fire damage technicians are ready 24/7 to assist you with your dilemma. Our sw... READ MORE

Finished Basement in Hartford and a Storm

The stormwater poured through the broken window and soaked the upper section of the wall, the insulation, and the carpet in this Hartford finished basement. A p... READ MORE

Water Loss from a Plumbing Leak in Newington

The Before Photo looks water damage-free until a peek at the ceiling shows the chandelier is starting to sag along with the sheetrock panels. This formal dining... READ MORE

Water Damage - Newington Home

Water damage developed at this Newington home’s wood flooring over time due to a water line with a small leak which wetted the wood flooring repeatedly. T... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Hartford

When a water damage disaster strikes your commercial property in Hartford, you need to call the specialists at SERVPRO. We're prepared to handle any size disast... READ MORE