Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage In Newington

Once a storm damage incident has occurred in your Newington property, you need to contact the specialists at SERVPRO immediately. Our skilled team is standing by 24/7 to respond to your emergency! SERVPRO of Newington / Central Hartford has the certified personnel, training, advanced equipment, and expertise to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Newington Flooding Demolition

The flooding from the storm damaged a section of this house in Newington along with the crawl space below. The SERVPRO team works to minimize the deconstruction and remove only non-salvageable building elements. The exposed framing and interior, after disinfecting, is now ready for a build back.

Hartford Basement Flooding Help

The call to SERVPRO from a Hartford homeowner can mitigate the water damage to the contents and structure of this home. Contaminated black water can be hazardous and should be pumped out by qualified technicians. We work hard to salvage as much as possible for our customers.

Storm Water Damaged Home in Newington

The floodwaters rushed into this Newington home an covered the wood-like tiled floor with about an inch of contaminated sludge. Our SERVPRO crew can use shovels, squeegees, mops, buckets, and more for cleanup and restoration. The placed air movers and dehumidifiers are completing the removal of the excess moisture. The flood cut is completed, and soon the final cleanup can begin.

Newington Storm Damaged Home

When a roof fails to keep out driving rain, the result can be as shown in this Photo. SERVPRO technicians can cut out the non-salvageable drywall material and the soaked insulation in this Newington property. Once these hazards are removed and disposed of the work of drying out the attic and wall cavities can begin — one step at a time.

Storm Damage – Hartford Home

Storm damage developed at this Hartford home when a thunderstorm carrying high winds ripped a section of the roofing from the structure. Rainwater was allowed to travel through the attic and then to the ceiling and walls of the living room. SERVPRO of Newington / Central Hartford could place tarps on the damaged roof to stem the flow of rainwater into the house and then proceed to clean up the water and dry the interior of the house.